Brent smith shinedown dating

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Brent smith shinedown dating

I was still drinking a lot of alcohol and started to pack on the pounds.” Smith was inspired to lose the weight after the band appeared on the ‘TODAY’ show back in 2009, when host Kathie Lee Gifford commented that she thought Smith was large and in charge singer Meat Loaf, known for his girth. Smith was not bulletproof or immune to the painful comment, which was like a smack in the face, saying, “It really stung.

I felt like we do the song justice, and it represents us as a band and what we're about." Shinedown played the song for the first time early this year at Judy Van Zant's Freebird Cafe as a nod to the owner for all the help they'd received.So, as far as technology is concerned, we're always looking for the next thing that's going to help our audience learn more about the band. Could you talk a little bit about your history with Atlantic?Steve Robertson and I developed Shinedown–and Craig Kallman was a huge part of that as well.That explains why Skynyrd helped Todd and singer Brent Smith find musicians when they were working on the demos for their debut album, which was recorded at Made in the Shade, a studio owned by Ronnie's widow, Judy Van Zant.Smith even stayed in Judy's guest house during the recording of what became Shinedown's Leave a Whisper.

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" because it was a new interactive way of looking at the record and getting to know the band.

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