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) state of California recently voted to include more LGBT people and narratives in its public school curriculum.

Personally, I’m all for that revamp—I’ve long said that the scariest part of coming out, for me, was not having language to describe what was happening.

I’m thrilled that the anxious baby gays of tomorrow won’t have to build a knowledge base from scratch.

The Board of Education’s unanimous decision made a big splash last week. Even Mother Jones touted the curriculum as specifically “LGBT-inclusive.” All of which is fine, I guess? The first disabled person I remember learning about in school was FDR.

Commonly, people with disabilities lack sex education that would assist in their sexual lives.

Civetta, 40ar/39ar dating into the historical inaccuracies in this story, so we can fall love over.

Although some disabled people are asexual, it is a misconception to label all as such.

Many disabled people lack rights and privileges to have intimacy and relationships.

But most of the coverage I’ve read barely acknowledges another addition to the redesign: disability history. And even then, the fact that he had polio almost never came up.

When it did, that was it: “he had polio.” Same with Helen Keller.

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