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A few months prior to our flight I checked with the airline and our veterinarian.

Gathered all necessary paperwork and checked what rules we’d need to follow. In order to comply with the rules, Alice was microchipped and received a rabies vaccine (21 days prior to flight) as well as a general health exam (within 10 days before flight).

If your pet will be traveling in the cargo hold, it's best to fly in the morning or evening during the summer, and midday during the winter to avoid extremely hot or cold temperatures.

But getting there can still be half the fun if you follow the ten tips below and make sure you're familiar with the Airline Pet Policy, restrictions on Pet Travel in the US, and any additional International Pet Travel restrictions at your destination.

Most airlines only allow one or two dogs on each flight, so it's important to book your dog's ticket as soon as possible.

Have a second contact, in the event that you can not be reached.

If you are travelling with your cat, you will require a cat carrier. It is a good idea to get your cat used to being in a cat carrier prior to actually transporting him.

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Don't buy your ticket until you call the airline and make sure there is a "seat" available for your dog on the flight.

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